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OlEG Krasovskyi

Dear Sir or Madam,
I was in charge for providing service to 310 crewmen of the mixed crew seven times a day. I was helped by 12 cooks and 23 cleaners.
I took into the account the navigation area, the barge working schedule whilst elaborating of the menu.
I was responsible for inventory count of the food, for installation and putting into operation of the equipment and also for personal training.

I kindly inform you that I am very interested in continuing of our cooperation.
I would be very glad to work in your company as a chief cook or a camp boss. If it is possible, please kindly provide me about job opportunities regarding the chief cook/camp boss positions.

I would highly appreciate your kind feedback, thank you so much in advance.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

? Successful work as a chief cook for more than twenty eight years;
? Baking various batches and cooking different types of desserts;
? Working-out of supply applications, inventory, slop-chest;
? I always maintain nutritional standards when preparing meals;
? Enquiring if any clients have allergies and then cooking meals
? Careful menu planning and considering preferences of the clients;
? Maintaining appropriate levels of cleanliness and hygiene in the
? Good standards of English both spoken and written;
? Sociability, responsibility and good manners;
? Willingness to work in the team environment.

I’m interested in work as a chief cook preferably with