Азамара Груп / Azamara Group

65026, Украина, Одесса, Польский спуск 11 (7 этаж, офис 1, бизнес-центр) (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 048 705-59-68; +38 048 705-59-69
ф.: +380487055969
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***Лиц.АВ 519101 от 26.05.2010

Crew Management

-Crew selection/supervision
-Crew change planning
-Efficient system of short notice dispatch of the crew member
-Joining and repatriation
-Payroll arrangements
-Manning costs budget
-General administration
-Banking with crew salaries
-Equipping seafarers with overalls
-Preparation of the Employment contracts and signing the contracts on behalf of the shipowner
-Hotel arrangements
-Seafarers insurance
-Organization of interview with candidates for the shipowner’s representatives
-Arrangements for additional trainings of indicated candidates

For Crewing Service we use an advanced computer system and database including over 12000 qualified seafarers.
Our company is also able to provide qualified motivated seafarers from other countries, such as: India, Russia, Poland, Bangladesh, Pakistan and others.

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