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Кейп Марин Сервис / Cape Marine Service

99011, Украина, Севастополь, пл. Восставших 4 (ТОЦ (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 (0692) 92-80-21, +38 (067) 652-21-18, +38 (067) 652-25-11
ф.: +38 (0692) 92-80-21
sevdocs@gmail.com, info@cape-marine.com
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Кейп Марин Сервис» в городе Севастополь.
Вы также можете посмотреть позиции судов на карте AIS.

*** Лиц. АВ 519133 от 02.06.2010

Трудоустройство – бесплатное

Требования к кандидатам:
- хороший английский язык
- опыт работы мин. 2 контракта

Типы судов:
- танкера от 50 000 DWT
- балкера от 35 000 DWT
- контейнеровозы от 1000 TEU
- РО-РО от 4000 DWT


Any shipping company needs good crews and professional, coast efficient crew manning services. This is exactly what we want to offer you. All of our candidates have wide experience of work on the different types of vessels (including cargo, offshore and cruise vessels) of reputable Shipowners, and most of them possess valid US Visa. All of our candidates are carefully screened to meet the specific requirements of Owners and vessel types. Extensive interviews and testing techniques are undertaken to ensure you will have competent, highly trained and reliable ship’s personnel, which include:
Combined search and selection
Initial face-to-face interview
Certificates authenticity and validity verification
Seafarer medical examination including drug/alcohol test
English language assessment
Assessment of professional competence
Computerized assessment of professional competence
Background verification
Reference checking

As soon as our candidates are approved by the Principals, the crewing company «Cape Marine Service » ensures such pre-departure arrangements as:
Seaman’s entry, business and working visas,
booking of air tickets (including charter flights),
bus, railway, car transfers within Ukraine,
Flag State License Applications (depending on the flag of the vessel),
supply with the working clothes and uniform with Principal’s logo (upon Principal’s request).

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