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Глобал Маритайм Сервисис / Global Maritime Services Ltd

65125, Украина, Одесса, ул. Базарная 70 (смотреть на карте)
т.: +(38) 048 788 91 25
ф.: 38 (048) 721 68 74
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Глобал Маритайм Сервисис» в городе Одесса.
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Лиц. AE 291595
Кем выдана: ГЦЗ
Дата выдачи: 09.04.2014

“Global Maritime Services Ltd” is a young quick growing Crewing Agency, located in Odessa, Ukraine, providing the full range of recruitment services for ship owners and ship managers to supply their vessels with qualified seamen from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Our personnel is a good team of qualified specialists, who are constantly enhancing their performance and activities, which obviates the needs and demands of our Clients.

Our crewing activities are as follows:

Recruitment of seafarers of all ranks.
visas and all the travel documents;
flag state documents;
supplying with working PPE and uniforms;
additional training & seminars for crew;
insurance for seafarers.
Arranging a complete seafarer’s transportation from home to the port of destination and vice versa with any kind of transport and full company support during the travel.
Any other additional services on Client’s demand.
«Global Maritime Services» is able to give Clients and Candidates a professional and truly personalized service. Our staff is trained to understand the industry we serve and open to meet any of Client requirements.

Given the opportunity, we would provide you with sea-going personnel, either individually or as complete ship’s crew, ranging from Master to Mess boy on any types of ships. As well, we can provide you with shipyard and ship repairing yards staff.

We are open and flexible for all your requirements whatever would be in the best interests of Ship Owners and Ship Managers.