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Глобал Одесса / Global Odessa

65011, Украина, Одесса, пер. Ониловой 8/10 (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 (048) 725-33-42
ф.: +38 (048) 722-51-39
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***Лиц. АВ 547282
Кем выдана: МТиСПУ
Дата выдачи: 03.09.2010

Global is continuously looking for qualified crew who have sea experience on container feeders (700-2000 TEU), General Cargo vessels from 3000 – 10.000 Dwt and Bulkers between 24.000 and 57.000 Dwt .

The package of services:
As client, you can use our ‘Human Resource Management’ services in the area of:
recruitment and selection;
wage administration;
applying for and management of STCW and Flag-State documents;
coordinating the crew’s journey, including the corresponding visa formalities;
signing on and signing off;
providing working clothes;
training planning;

Our ship management package is designed to meet the customers individual requirements. We offer single-crewmanagement and full-crewmanagement.

You will have properly trained and experienced crew members that can be used on vessels, such as: Bulk Carriers, Container vessels, Multipurpose vessels, General-Cargo vessels, Ro/Ro vessels. Also we have experienced crew available for tugs and other projects in the offshore industry. It is also possible to hire one of our specialists as a consultant in your HRM project or a technician to check on the building process of your latest vessels.

Types of vessels that are manned with our crew include:
- General-cargo vessels
- Container carriers
- Bulk carriers
- Car carriers
- Ro/Ro vessels
- Offshore supply vessels and crewtenders
- Tugboats
- Cable-laying vessels
- Oil rigs