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Гермес Меритайм / Hermes Maritime

65049, Украина, Одесса, ул. Ивана Франко 55 (оф.7) (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 (0482) 328714, +38 (0482) 328712
ф.: +38 (0482) 328713
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Гермес Меритайм» в городе Одесса.
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***Лиц. АВ 585296
Кем выдана: МТиСПУ
Дата выдачи: 07.12.2012

The following range of service is available in our company:
1. Selection and recruitment of highly qualified and trained officers and ratings.
What we are doing to guarantee Quality of recruitment. The most important asset for «Hermes Maritime» is our seamen. For this reason each employee undergoes extensive screening and selection before being assigned on board any vessels of our principals. This process is outlined below:
initial interview, licences and sea-going certificates check,
references check with previous employer companies, verification of previous sea-going experience;
detailed interview in our office. As the company’s staff consists of highly qualified marine-university graduated specialists including former professional seamen with good fleet experience and familiar with ISO/ISM code requirements we are able to check every seafarer ourselves.

All our candidates also passing through all necessary training programs and professional examinations on computer test «CES 4.1″ and English language test «Marlins» in the house-training center of our office. Results of the above independent tests we send to our clients for selection of the suitable candidates if necessary.
undergo additional training if required.

Every crewmember is obliged to be pre-trained and to hold valid certificates on personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting, medical aid, emergency procedures, pollution prevention and safe working practice. These types of training take place on board the training simulator ships, which are full members of the International Association of sea survival training. In addition to that, officers are obliged to hold valid certificates required for their rank by STCW 78/95 and the flag country. Each of our applicants holds a certificate confirming his attendance of all the required training courses. We also run a special pre-employment English language course.
All sea staff recruited by our company hold valid certificates, licences, endorsements and all other necessary documents required by STCW 78/95. We keep the validity of the crew documents under our constant control and ensure they are revalidate in due time.Our company leads a strict policy of sending the sefarers to upgrade courses established by Higher Maritime Institutions to revalidate the documents. We work in close cooperation with the Odessa, Izmail and other training centres. To facilitate routine paper work in office we are using special computer’s software 1C:»Crewing» which records and updates each personal file. Our agency maintains stand by list of officers and lower crew ready for work ASAP. We can arrange whole crews for any type of vessels in short notice, same as to provide individual contract basis.

2. Verification of seafarers’ documents.

The authenticity and validity of Licenses and Certificates are checked by us through State Register of Seafarers, State Maritime Training Centers, Maritime Educational Institutions and Harbour Masters’ offices.

3. Preparation of applications for Flag State Licenses.

4. Pre-joining medical examination including HIV, Liver and Drug/Alcohol tests

5. Crew travel arrangements
Order and booking of airtickets for the international and internal flights of the majority of leading airlines
selection of complex routes of the optimum prices
special tariffs for seamen
order and booking of railway and bus tickets on all directions
consultations concerning US, Schengen and other visas arrangements