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*** Лиц. АВ 585140 от 28.04.2012

We are able to arrange the attendance of the following certified training courses at Training and Certifying Center of Seafarers and Center of Survival at Sea at Odessa State Maritime Academy:

• GMDSS (IMO 1.25; Reg. IV/2)

• Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (Sections A-II/1, A-II/2, B-I/12)

• Radar Observation and plotting ( Sections A-II/1,A-II/2,B-I/12)

• Medical First Aid (Section A-VI/4-1)

• Medical Care (Section A-VI/4)

• Proficiency in Survival Craft (Section A-VI/2)

• Basic Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/1)

• Advanced Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/3)

• Hazardous Cargoes (Section B-V/4 & B-V/5)

• Ships Safety Officer (Regulations I/11, I/14 and Resolution)

• Large Ships and Ships with Unusual Maneuvering Characteristics (Resolution 17)

• Chemical and Liquefied Gas Tanker ( Regulations V/1, V/2, V/3; Annex A of the Resolution 11,12 and Section A-V/1)

• Inert Gas Certificate (Regulation V/1)

• Oil Tanker ( Regulation V/1, Annex A of the Resolution 10 and Section A-V/1)

• Crude Oil Washing (Regulation V/1) • RO-RO passenger ship (Section A-V/2)

• Security Awareness Training for all seafarers (Section A-VI/6-1)

• Training for seafarers with designated security duties (Section A-VI/6-2)

And also Bridge Team Management (IMO1.22,Reg. II/1,II/2, Sect A-II/1, A-II/2, A-VIII/2,B-VIII/2), AMOS Training, BERM certification and actually any other rare certificates upon the request of the client.

As we are in good contact with flag authorities worldwide we are able to assist with flag documents as well.

Our agency collaborates with medical center which is authorized and certified by Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2008/MLC 2006 standards.

Before joining the vessel all seafarers pass International Medical Examination, Flag state Medical Examination and Drug & Alcohol test. By ship owners request all in-house medical blanks can issued by doctor after passing all needful medical examinations accordingly.