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Минерва Мэнинг Эдженси / Minerva Manning Agency

65026, Украина, Одесса, пер. Вице-Адмирала Жукова 21-23 (оф. 502) (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 (048) 737-45-28
ф.: +38 (048) 773-70-21
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Минерва Мэнинг Эдженси» в городе Одесса.
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*** Лиц. АВ 585280
Кем выдана: МТиСПУ
Дата выдачи: 06.11.2012

Представительство компании Minerva Marine Inc. , Афины, Греция.

«Minerva Manning Agency» was founded by the parent Company «Minerva Marine Inc.» (Greece) in 2007. We are crew manning company which is fully certified in accordance with Ukrainian Legislation. The primary goal of our company is to select and provide our principals with duly trained and qualified professional officers for tanker’s and bulker’s fleet, operated by «Minerva Marine Inc.»

«Minerva Manning Agency» performs the following services:
Training and certification of the crew (except STCW certificates, which are mandatory for every seaman);
Computerized competency assessment, which is carried out for following reasons:
– Evaluation of candidate’s knowledge;
- Identification of training needs and development of training programs;
- Provision of learning opportunities for seafarers.
English language knowledge test and evaluation;
Medical examinations as well as drug/alcohol test in cooperation with certified medical centers;
Pre-employment Company policy and ISM code familiarization;
Arranging seaman’s transfer all the way to/from the ship;
Arranging visa wherever it necessary;
Providing employee with the set of Company approved uniform.

We take care of our crew all the way from the time they visit us. All the services for seamen providing by «Minerva Manning Agency» – are free of charge. Up to date we employ officers only, preferable with tanker and bulker ship’s experience.