Си Сервис Компани Юкрейн / Sea Service Company Ukraine

03055, Украина, Киев, ул. Тбилисская 4/10 (оф. 117) (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 044 461-80-06, +38 044 461-80-07 +38 095 261-11-15, +38 050 261-61-61
ф.: +380 44 461-80-05
crew-ukraine@seaservice-company.com, info-ukraine@seaservice-company.com, office-ukraine@seaservice-company.com, contact-ukraine@seaservice-company.com
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Си Сервис Компани Юкрейн» в городе Киев.
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Sea Service Company Ltd. was established with the clear idea and basis to offer its business partners throughout the world a quality management services, providing them with its selected qualified personnel with experience in the marine industry and in other sectors like manufacturing, mechanical engineering, etc.

Our team of professionals in the field of Human Resources are selecting carefully each candidate, in a manner that fulfill all requirements of our partners.

At the same time except the right selection we are responsible for our employees by maintaining constant contact with them, which facilitates the management of our personnel. In this way we are protecting our business partners and our employees.

With our complete selection and management of personnel we guarantee a reduction of the personnel costs to our clients.

Our administrative department takes full care of the complete documentation, and thereby is saving time and money for our clients. This department also ensures the security of all our customers and personnel, as fully comply with legislative requirements leading in the all industries.