Шокк Сервис Морское Агентство / Shokk Service Marine Agency Ltd

87510, Украина, Мариуполь, ул. Гагарина 6 (смотреть на карте)
т.: (380) (629) 47 66 66, 47 66 67, 47 66 68, (380) (67) 6281599 (моб.)
ф.: (380) (629) 47 66 69
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Шокк Сервис Морское Агентство» в городе Мариуполь.
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*** Лиц. АВ 585103 от 08.02.2012

At present about 25 ships are manned by SHOKK SERVICE MARINE AGENCY LTD. We have signed contracts with about 1500 seafarers. There are approximately 500 seafarers working at sea while the rest are on leave.

SHOKK SERVICE MARINE AGENCY LTD. has been licensed by the UKRAINIAN governmental authorities as a crewing agent (License of Ukrainian’s Labour Ministry for employ people as broker) and has an adequate office space, facilities, equipment and manpower to meet the requirements of our clients. Crewing, communication and control are supported by powerful software.

The full range of services available in our company includes:

– selection and recruitment of duly qualified and trained officers
and ratings;
– training courses – special qualifications;
– applications for certificates: Liberia, Panama, etc.
– contract formalities;
– visa formalities; traveling arrangements;
– issuing Ukrainian seaman’s books, civil passports;
– administration and control.

We are ready to supply companies with highly experienced and well-trained seafarers. We hope our future cooperation will be successful and mutual useful and always at your full disposal.