Шокк Сервис / Shokk Service Marine Agency Ltd

87510, Украина, Мариуполь, ул. Гагарина 6 (смотреть на карте)
т.: +380 629 47 66 66, +380 629 47 66 67, +380 629 47 66 68, +380 67 628 15 99
ф.: +380 629 47 66 69
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Шокк Сервис» в городе Мариуполь.
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Our aim is to supply world first class shipping companies with crews from the UKRAINE, RUSSIA and the BYELORUSSIA. We are really know all the requirements of shipowners and ready provide crews for all type of vessels of any company with our crew members from Master upto Messboy.

To select a nice crew for principal is our utmost task. Bearing the above in mind we use all possible means to check and test each candidate to have the best one.

The full range of services available in our company includes:

– selection and recruitment of duly qualified and trained officers
and ratings;
– training courses – special qualifications;
– applications for certificates: Liberia, Panama, etc.
– contract formalities;
– visa formalities; traveling arrangements;
– issuing Ukrainian seaman’s books, civil passports;
– administration and control.