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Старонди / Starondi Marine Company

65014, Украина, Одесса, пер. Обсерваторный 2/6 (оф. 24) (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38 (096) 654-37-92, +38 (096) 637-37-20
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Старонди» в городе Одесса.
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Our Marine team are experts in delivering the very best staff to high-profile offshore oil & gas and maritime projects worldwide. We always have a variety of permanent and contract positions available in every part of the world.
Our recruitment hubs located in Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Nigeria act as coordinating offices and draw on an extensive network of agents and partners.
We work in close partnership with our clients to provide skilled, experienced and certified crew members, and to bring the most exciting marine opportunities worldwide to our candidates.

Our range of service includes:
Rotation planning
Training & Cadet Programs
Career Planning
Family & welfare
Travel and visa arrangements
Provision of Personnel safety gears on request
24/7 personal services

Starondi Marine places utmost importance on training and skill development for seafarers and regularly conducts training courses at Maritime Training Centers worldwide.
We have a dedicated pool of qualified and experienced instructors who provide in house training on a wide range of topics addressing the changing needs of the global maritime industry.
With the help of advanced next generation training equipment, we have the capability of delivering all necessary skills to seafarers ranging from cadets to officers.
We regularly carry out pre-boarding briefing and post-mission de-briefing as part of our training and HR process.
Through working with the leading ship managers and maritime institutions, we deliver the training and competencies required to maintain the safe and efficient operation of modern vessels and marine equipment.
We are always ready to help you finding the most easy and professional way as how to train seafarers properly and within required time frame