Ворк Лайн Интернешнл / Work Line International

65007, Украина, Одесса, ул. Малая Арнаутская 111 (смотреть на карте)
т.: +38068 32 92 688, +38063 42 318 98
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На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Ворк Лайн Интернешнл» в городе Одесса.
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Крюинг Work Line International - начал свою деятельность 23.06.2015.

Набор производится в offshore vessels

Требования к морякам:
- Ukrainian, Russian,Azerbaijani,Belorussian, European. Till 50 years
- Good Experience,for Rating -12 months ,for Officers 24 months in rank, Charter Approved(ADMA,ZADCO,ARAMCO),
Full DP ticket, Advanced.

Cadet Ship Program

In line with long term strategy in commitment to fully reflect Client’s demands in future marine staff specialists and solves the issue of lack of working experience, the prime objective of the Cadet Ship Program was specially designed.
At WLI we give importance to select the best and brightest cadets from quality maritime Universities and to make them employees on one of our Clients’ fleet vessel for their strict but rewarding guidance and gaining experience.
We are presently run 4 main streams of this project: namely for deck officers and engine officers, catering and electrical officers.