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The marine agency «Samtiga» is created young and enterprising specialists in area of the administrative advising. It is an association of intellectual persons and practical workers which achieve the put aims, saving and filling up the most valuable capital – humaneness here.

Developing the systems on the selection of personnel, namely members of crews of courts on a navy, we enable receipt of effective result of activity of ship owners.

Our philosophy, based on deep argued that seamen is the most valuable capital of any navigable company.

Our rule – be honest always and with all, save time it and stranger. These rules are one of guarantors of execution of obligations, both before seamen and before our partners: by the leading ship owners of different companies of ships.

For us managers are professionals, each in the area, having a rich practical experience on a selection and estimation of personnel.
With the best wishes,

Director of LTD, «Samtiga» Alexander Soltuz.
Website: http://samtiga.inteprice.com/

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