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Able Seaman (AB) on a cruise ship

  • Дата посадки:Autumn 2020
  • Контракт:6-7 months
  • Зарплата:1047$ per month
  • Опыт работы:18 months in the rank
  • Крюинг:Ismira Russia  (website http://ismira.ru) (профиль)
  • Категория:Able Seaman (AB)
  • Тип судна:Passenger Ships | Ferries | Yachts
  • Опубликовано:04.06.2020

Able Seaman (AB) on a cruise ship (JOB ID 63187)

AB is a member of unlicensed deck crew. Able seamen perform all operations connected with the launching of lifesaving equipment. An AB may be called on to use emergency, lifesaving, damage control, and safety equipment. He is expected to be able to operate deck machinery, such as the windlass or winches while mooring or unmooring, and to operate cargo gear. Able seamen require advanced training, including lifeboatman certification.

• A High School diploma or technical training
• COP STCW Regulation II/4 & II/5
• Marlins English evaluation score of 60 or more

Variety of AB duties:
• Under the Supervision of the Bosun performs maintenance works on life saving appliances
• Chips and paints external deck areas
• Ensures that all aspects of company’s environmental policy and procedures applicable to the job task being carried out including but not limited to the proper labeling of all hazardous material containers including those which may be temporarily used the proper storage and containment of hazardous chemicals including paints, the proper precautionary procedures specified by the company when painting onboard or “over the side”, the proper application of the company’s personal protection program.
• Performs arrival and departure maneuvers as required by ships schedule
• Ensures that all aspects of company Occupational Health and Safety policy are effectively applied during work activities
• Performs Water shuttle services
• Performs cleaning and painting of fresh water tanks, ballast tank, void spaces and heeling Tanks.
• Performs Cherry picker service
• Performs funnel cleaning and painting
• Performs laundry and Galley cleaning
• Performs Back stage duties
• Any other assignment as required by Staff Captain or Bosun

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