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Chief Officer for ocean going tug (Fairmount)

  • Дата посадки:20.11.2018
  • Контракт:3 months
  • Зарплата:7000 USD per month
  • Опыт работы:C/O on Fairmount vessels, 3 years in rank
  • Крюинг:Marine Unity
  • Категория:Chief Officer
  • Тип судна:Tugs
  • Опубликовано:06.11.2018

Chief Officer for ocean going tug (Fairmount) (JOB ID 54139)

Chief Officer for ocean going tug Fairmount Alpine.
Necessary experience:
- Experience of C/O on Fairmount vessels
-3 years in Rank (or more)
-6 years in Offshore (or more)
-At least 1 year with long distance tows (in excess of 25 days)
-At least 1 contract for mayor clients in Offshore Industry handling rigs and/or FPSO`s
-Good English

US visa, Schengen will be a preference

Our contacts:
+7 961 5050 621 Anna

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