Master for General cargo

  • Дата посадки:03/03/2018
  • Контракт:2 months on/off
  • Зарплата:5600-5700 EUR p/m
  • Опыт работы:min 3 contracts
  • Крюинг:Delta Marine Crewing  (website
  • Категория:Master
  • Тип судна:General | Dry Cargo Vessels
  • Опубликовано:11.01.2018

Master for General cargo (JOB ID 48741)

Vessel: 1985 y.b., 1 132 GRT
Trade area: North Europe
Owner: Netherlands
There is no 2/O on board.

- good English level;
- experience on this type of vessel;
- must be able to sail without a pilot (after trail period).
- experience on Dutch flag vessels.
- only citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

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