Матрос 1-го класса - вакансии для Able seaman, Able bodied seaman, AB, A/B

Горячие вакансии для ухода в рейс в должности Матрос 1-го класса.

150EUR Gross per day
DP Vessels
Join date: 10.07.2017; DOC: 4 weeks on/off; Experience level: min 1 year in offshore industry.
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General | Dry Cargo Vessels
Join date: 05.07.2017; DOC: 4 months; Experience level: min 2 contracts.
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Container Ships
Join date: mid July 2017; DOC: 6 months; Experience level: min 2 contracts.
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180EUR gross per working day
Cable Lay Vessels
Join date: 30.07.2017; DOC: 28 days on / off; Experience level: as Rigger is a must, on a Barge / Vessel and work with ropes, deck work, work on height.
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Tankers (not specified)
Join date: END OF JUNE; DOC: 6+-1; Experience level: min 2 contracts.
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1400 usd per month
Bulk Carriers
Join date: During july; DOC: 6; Experience level: Min 2 contracts as AB on bulker.
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